Social Security Number will be required on exhibitors earning $600 or more.

Entering Rabbits For Exhibit

Exhibitor’s Ticket - $5.00 per exhibitor. ($15 maximum per family) Required of all exhibitors, purchased at time of entry. Social Security Number required to exhibit.


Livestock for Jackpot shows will be registered day of show. No pre-entry is required.


Entry tags for Floral Hall exhibits can be picked up at the fair office prior to fair entry dates or at time of entering in the hall. It is highly recommended that anyone with more than 5 entries pick up entry tags and register by August 26. Only 1 entry per category is allowed in Floral Hall Departments J-X. These entries are also confined to the State of Illinois. See each department for specific requirements for entries. An entry fee of .25 per entry will be charged. Entries received after pre-entry day will be 50 cents per entry. Entries can be mailed, faed, emailed or hand delivered to the fair office. Entry forms are due by 6:00pm Monday, August 26, 2019. Floral Hall exhibits are brought to the fairgrounds Wednesday, August 28, 2019 from 5-7:00pm.

Every effort will be made to protect property on exhibit, but the Fair Association will not be responsible for loss or damage.


Awards will be made by the single judge system, unless in the judgment of the Superintendent of the Department more are required. Should any doubt arise as to the regularity of the entry, or other important matter which the judge feels incompetent to decide, he/she shall at once report the same to the Board for decision, which when made, shall be final. The decision of the judge shall be final and no appeal will be considered except in case of protest. Any exhibitor attempting to interfere with the judges during adjudication will be promptly excluded from competition. No person shall act as judge in any lot in which he/she may be interested as an exhibitor, agent or employee of any exhibitor, or otherwise, and if such case should be presented, the Superintendent of Department may remove such interested judge, or substitute another judge temporarily. Increased payout in classes in Depts J-X (excluding Dept Q-1) will ONLY be awarded if there are 6 or more entries per each individual class.

Floral Halls will be closed during judging times!

The awards of premiums at the Fair should be confined to entries made in the premium list. Purple ribbons designate Championship premium; blue ribbons designate first premium; red ribbons designate second premium; white ribbons designate third premium; Rules on Champion awards differ and will be clearly stated in each Department. Any animal or article on exhibition winning premiums being removed at any time from the Fairgrounds prior to the specified time will forfeit premiums. Every exhibit must be entered in the name of the bonafide maker. Any exhibitor found guilty of violating these rules forfeits premiums.

Any article or animal that is not worthy of a prize will be disqualified, even if there is no other entry in the category (with or without competition).

Each award, and notice of protest, if any be made, must be written in plain, careful manner by the Superintendent, in ink or indelible pencil in blank page opposite entry in judging book. The entry book must be returned by the Superintendent of each department to the Secretary properly certified by the judges as soon as the awards in each are completed. Each Superintendent shall exercise great care in preserving and returning the entry books of the Department as all checks for premiums are authorized only upon entries contained therein. Floral Hall articles and premium checks can be picked up between 8:30 am and 10:00 am Monday, September 2, 2019 IN THE FLORAL HALLS, NOT THE SECRETARY’S OFFICE. Alternate pick up time will be Wednesday, September 4, 2019 between 6:00 and 7:00 pm at the Floral Halls. No other opportunities will be afforded exhibitors unless personally contacting Fair Secretary. EARLY DISMISSAL IS ABSOLUTLEY PROHIBITED!!!

All premium checks must be cashed within 30 days or checks will be voided. No replacement check will be issued.

Increased payout in classes in Depts J-X (excluding Dept Q-1) will ONLY be awarded if there are 6 or more entries per each individual class.


Entry tags only for Floral Hall Exhibits can be picked up at the Fair Office prior to fair dates when entries are paid for or at time of entering the exhibits in the Floral Hall themselves. Exhibitor Tickets may be purchased at the Fair Office beginning August 21 or in the Exhibit Hall, when articles are entered.