TRI COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION                                      _____________________________________________

PO BOX 142                                                                                          Concessionaire business name

Mendota, IL 61342                                                    ____________________________________

PH (815) 539-7974                                                                                         Contact person's name

FAX (815) 539-9312                                                                    Address _________________________________________

www.tricountyfair.net                                                                City, State, Zip _____________________________________


 Contract for 2019 Tri County Fair 

 August 30 - September 2, 2019

Opening: Friday, August 30

Closing: Monday, September 2

 Please complete contract and send a signed copy, along with a deposit check to the fair association  to reserve your spot at the fair. Our acceptance of the fee constitutes our acceptance of the contract.


Space Location:           Waldorf Hall (10x10 booth for $120.00) x number of booths  ________ = _____________

                                       Midway ($15.00 per linear foot for food vendors)

                                                                               x number of feet needed   _____________ = _______________

                                                 ($10.00 per linear foot for non-food vendors)

                                                                             x number of feet needed  _____________ = ________________

Limited RV Parking available along the back of the fairgrounds $15.00 per day

                                                                             x number of days needed _______ = Total RV Fee ___________

 Other __________________________________________________________________________________

 Electrical hook-up and load requirements __________ (may determine placement at fair to avoid overloading circuits)

Midway hook-up fee $25.00 (per unit) __________________

 Total Amount of Contract ____________________________

 Deposit Paid _______________   Balance Due ______________           Balance paid ____________________

 Items to be sold: (Please note: Items or brands not listed cannot be sold without fair association approval)



Insurance copy provided?    NO _______  YES ___________                Date Provided ______________________ 

 Please read all contract agreements here. In witness whereof the parties hereunto have caused this document to be executed at Mendota, Illinois, the day and date first written above.

 _______________________________________                        ____________________________________________

                   (Concessionaire)                                                           (Tri County Fair Association representative)

 Date _______________________________                        Date ________________________________________